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How Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L Can Help You Design Pressure Vessels Faster and Better

How Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L Can Help You Design Pressure Vessels Faster and Better

If you are looking for a pressure vessel software that can handle complex designs, comply with ASME VIII standards, and produce professional reports, then you should consider Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L. This software is an expert system that checks your inputs, makes design recommendations, and generates solid models, drawings, cost estimates, and welding documents. In this article, we will highlight some of the features and benefits of Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L that make it a smart choice for pressure vessel engineers and designers.

3D Pressure Vessel Design and Drawings

One of the advantages of Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L is that it allows you to design pressure vessels in 3D and create drawings using the bundled Codeware Interface add-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. The solid models generated by the Codeware Interface include Mates and Sheet Metal, advanced features that save time when making design changes. You can also quickly create ASME Section IX welding documents from Compress designs with Shopfloor, and generate customizable spreadsheet based cost estimates with the no extra charge COSTER add-in for Excel[^1^].

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ASME VIII Engineering and Design

Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L is compliant with ASME VIII standards for pressure vessel design. It supports multiple ASME VIII Code Editions and ASME II-D Editions, including consideration of table notes. It also supports user defined materials for old or non-ASME materials. You can use US Customary, SI or MKS units for your calculations. Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L can handle various pressure vessel components and features, such as:

  • Nozzle design including stud pads and Appendix 46 (Division 2 rules using Division 1 allowable stresses)[^2^]

  • Tall tower and horizontal vessel design with a selection of Building Codes for UG-22 loads determination[^2^]

  • Rotational lift and rigging analysis, lift lugs, ears, trunnions and skirt struts[^2^]

  • Appendix 2 Flange Design. Appendix Y, Appendx O and full face gasketed designs included[^2^]

  • WRC-107 / WRC-537 with multiple nozzle load cases for piping[^2^]

  • Multiple support skirts, saddles (Zick analysis), braced and un-braced legs, support lugs, base rings, compression rings, anchor chairs and anchor bolts[^2^]

  • Conventional and Half Pipe Jackets with nozzle penetrations and closure bars[^2^]

  • Multi-chamber and multi-diameter (stacked) vessel design[^2^]

  • Elliptical manways[^2^]

  • Cone design includes eccentric cones and U-2 (g) discontinuity stress calculations for half-apex angles over 30 degrees[^2^]

  • Internal and external corrosion allowance on shell, heads, nozzles and skirts[^2^]

Codeware Compress 2012 7200 L also performs various calculations and checks for your pressure vessel design, such as:

  • ASME VIII-1 calculations for internal and external pressure[^1^]

  • ASME UHX and TEMA heat exchanger mechanical design[^1^]

  • ASME VIII-2 (Division 2) pressure vessel calculations including Class 1 and Class 2 designs[^1^]

  • Pressure vessel fatigue screening[^1^]

  • UG-99 with hydrotest stress calculations (new and corroded)[^2^]

  • UG-116 RT marking and radiography summary[^2^]

  • Long Seam Wizard for fast longitudinal shell seam placement[^2^]

  • BOM report[^2^]

  • Static head on components automatically calculated from liquid levels no manual calculations required[^2^]

Complete UCS-66 and UHA-51 MDMT ratings that include impact test requirements and all 0efd9a6b88


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