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Straight from the Source

As a local, small business it is extremely important to us to give our clients the utmost attention and service they deserve. In this section, we’re proud to showcase a few testimonials from some of our valued clients.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Szilvia Ruff

My son Áron has been diagnosed with Colitis Ulcerates at age 9. For years we had tried different holistic approaches, but even with that, my son had to take medication subscribed by the clinic he is frequenting for 4 years. Normal inflammation values range between 0-60, while his values never went lower than 400 and at times it was even up in the 800-900 range (with medication). That is, until my my sister in law gave me Floringa capsules. Just one capsule a day for 30 days took his inflammation values  down to 150 (with medication. Since then we have upped the dosage and are looking forward for the next test and becoming medication free. We'll upgrade this information once it is available.

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