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Back to the roots of ancient wisdom

The founder of Floringa, Ildiko Banati is originally from Hungary, but calls now sunny South Florida her home. Growing up in the countryside, she has often helped her great grandmother to collect herbs and plants to use in teas or in food, which sparked later her interest in exploring herbal remedies.

The story of Floringa started with just a few Moringa Oleifera trees that were planted on her property in South Florida for personal use. However, the more she read about this wonderful plant and felt the benefits of daily intake, it woke her curiosity to see its positive health benefits also in other people.

It all started with making capsules to give away to family and friends. After a good amount of positive feedback, Floringa was formed to share the advantages of Moringa not just with loved ones, but any person that would want to try to benefit from daily Moringa intake.

Our Moringa capsules are made from Florida grown, pesticide-free, organic leaf powder.

We use manual labor throughout the processing, starting by carefully selecting the best leaves, which are ready after a gentle drying and grinding process to be poured into 500 mg vegetarian/vegan capsules.

Our intention for our product family Floringa is to help people and pets alike, by giving health and nutritional balance in their life.

About Floringa: About Us
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