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Redout 2 Racing Game All Crashes Fix | Sratup C...

What are the best racing games on PS4? It's a tough question to answer, as there are a lot of options for car connoisseurs on Sony's super-popular console. No matter what style of racer you enjoy, there are plenty of games you can take for a spin.

Redout 2 Racing Game All Crashes Fix | Sratup C...

However, that's not to say there aren't any arcade racers on PS4. In fact, there are many noteworthy racing games on the console that take a less realistic view. Need for Speed Heat gives you your open world racing fix, while kart racers such as Team Sonic Racing and Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled offer more family-friendly high-speed antics.

There are lots of ways to enjoy racing and driving on PS4, in other words. We're here to pick out the best of the bunch, and this is where you lot come in. All the games featured here are ranked and rated by Push Square readers like you. By finding your favourite racing games and giving them your ratings, you can directly influence how this list looks. Clicking the star icon next to each game will allow you to pick a rating, and you can do the same by visiting individual game pages.

The TrackMania franchise has primarily been a PC thing for a long time, so it was great to finally see what all the fuss is about with TrackMania Turbo. This ultra-fast arcade racer is all about completing hundreds of insane tracks as fast as you possibly can, slowly improving your run each time. Various car models and environments change up the gameplay slightly, but the addictive core remains the same. With a robust track editor and numerous ways to play, this is a ludicrously fast racing game for leaderboard-chasers.

The PS4 hasn't had many good arcade racers throughout its lifespan, so the arrival of Team Sonic Racing is a pleasant surprise. Like Onrush, this kart racer puts an emphasis on teamwork, but it keeps the cooperation locked to regular races. The collaborative aspects are pretty successful, and even if you don't like the idea, you can play the game as a standard kart racer too. It's not the most fleshed out racing game on PS4, but the on-track action is undeniably a lot of fun.

I quite liked Trak turbo for a ps plus game, pretty fun!! I like gt sport more than driveclub but to be honest, I just don't get the feels for driving games the way I did with ps1 and 2 era. Probably enjoyed racing in gtav more than any dedicated ps4 racing game I've played.

@antdickens while certainly not as prolific as past gens, I would hardly say their dying out. With the games here and solid titles on other platforms (Forzas, Asseto Corsa, MK8D etc.) imo it's a great time to be a racing game fan.

I respectfully disagree about the lack of racing games on the PS4, there's lots of fun ones to choose from, you just have to be open-minded and try new things. Even if a game is not 100% perfect, more often than not it's still fun to play.

@antdickensNot really, there are many good racing games, but lately they have developed a lot the "sub genre" "Sim Racing", leaving aside other "sub genres", but, of course, there are really many other sub genre games (mini/toy cars racing, futuristic racing, battle racing, "arcade" racing/arcade 80s racing, etcetera).However, for me, the sub genre that belongs to games like Burnout and Need For Speed (Asphalt in mobiles) really is what I have seen very, very little of them, and I mean games where you run on "random" tracks, with cars, whether real or imitations, with obstacles like traffic and police or obstacles in tracks.

I think the hammer blow for racing fans is the better racing game is on another system. That pains me to say after years of domination from Gran Turismo on PS but it's just not as good this generation.

@themcnoisy this is unfortunately true. I'm a huge racing game fan and I bought an Xbox one exclusively to play the Forza Horizon games silly as that sounds. I have dabbled in some of the other exclusives but that was the main reason. Horizon 3/4 are just better than 90% of what's on the ps4. Been saying it for a while but I really hope we eventually get a GT game in the vein of the Horizon ones. Really is a gap on the system.

You guys really need to do a review of Monster Energy Supercross 2. I haven't played a motocross game since ps2 days. I'm amazed at how much they have improved. I just bought the first MESX and have yet to put it down yet. Once you up the difficulty you really have to be precise and fast if you want to win. These motocross games are getting so much better they need all the exposure they deserve for the developers hard work and dedication. I never thought I would buy a supercross game but after playing this I am definitely buying the 2nd MESX and prolly MX vs ATV All Out(I have heard this one has greatly improved after updates) after this. These should definitely be in the list for best racing games.

I'd say the only racing games on PS4 worth a damn are Burnout Paradise and Wipeout Omega Collection and the next (and only) one I'm looking forward to is Crash Team Racing. All re-releases of older games. Pretty sad pickings this gen if you don't own an Xbox One.

Having bought every NFS on PlayStation except High Stakes and Porsche Unleashed... having a high percentage of the racing community that buys your games feel let down in some fashion on every game for a decade... it doesn't generally lead to increased sales

I find with PS4 racers, generally, that the controls using the left stick instead of buttons to steer, and the shoulder buttons to brake and accelerate are just too awkward to control over the d pad and x o buttons option for PS3 racing games. Sticks make sense for bike games to simulate body movement, but add nothing to car games, apart from more sore thumbs.

The only racing game on PS4 I own is NFS Rivals which didn't even make this list. I've considered getting Burnout Paradise but haven't, thinking it might be too similar to what I already have and still haven't even beaten. How do those games compared to each other?

I pre-ordered Drive Club along with my launch PS4! Due to issues I had to wait a year to receive it. Yes I was plenty upset with the game and came close to canceling my order many times. Today I can say it wast #1 racing game on PS4. What Evolution did with DLC to make up for launch issues was above and beyond!

I think this list is a good compilation, but i'm not sure if I would have trackmania so far down on the list. I'd be hard press to recommend 13 (minus the two VR) racing games over it. Hot seat is one of the most brilliant local multiplayer modes I have ever played in a video game, and you don't even need a second controller.

I first bought Assetto Corsa & Project Cars 2 when I got my ps4 and was shocked how impossible it is to control unless you like crashing from wall to wall at the slightest touch of the stick. So I bought a low end wheel and just wasted my money because it's exactly the same if not worse. And my wheel is only supported by a couple games and has no dpad to navigate menus. Thats why I now stay away from ps4 racing games. Apparently you have to have a pro wheel and be some sort of superstar gamer to simply master the controls enough to play these without bouncing from wall to wall. For me it's only a waste of money and frustration. Not to even mention a lot of them require online to play. Got burned on NFS not knowing that, and can't play Driveclub and so many other online onlys).

Driveclub is still my favourite PS4 racing game, it looks and plays fantastic, the Wipeout collection is another good racing game. Sonic Team racing was hugely disappointing and Burnout Paradise just isn't very good these days, for me it was always one of the weaker entries anyway

@stuzster all i want is a racing game where u start off with a crappy car and have to win races to upgrade it and then buy a better car. Rinse and repeat throughout a career mode. Is there a game on the ps4 like this or do i need to break out my ps2 for old GT games?

@gollumb82 true but even as a circuit racer Gran Turismo has been feeling pretty sterile compared to its competition for at least a couple of entries. Added to that you have a single player experience that is hugely underwhelming compared to pretty much all of its predecessors as Polyphony put all of its eggs in the online basket and as such there would be many racing games I'd play before this one.

Actually this gen hasn't been the best for racing games in general, PS3 had better GT installments, the two PS3 Sonic racing games are much better than this one, as were the Need for Speed titles and even the Grid games. Then obviously Burnout and Wipeout are from last gen and we're missing the likes of Midnight Club, Driver, Motorstorm and even Sega with the likes of Outrun and Sega Rally

I find Forza Horizon 4 so much better than the best racing games on PS4, it isn't even fun anymore. That said, I've only tried Driveclub for two hours (the controls didn't do it for me), and Gran Turismo doesn't really interest me anymore with its slow grinding.

I really like racing games but I very rarely play multiplayer. The AI on most games just makes no sense. I think Wipeout is my most played game and the AI is stupidly hard. Been playing Hotshot Racing on the Switch a lot this weekend and it is almost impossible AI wise on the hardest difficultly, I have reverted to a third playthrough of BOTW. I would say Crash is the best for single player racer on the PS4/5 but if anyone has any other suggestions I would be happy to hear them.

Need for Speed is an online racing video game created by Electronic Arts and developed by Ghost Games. It was released in 2015 as a reboot of the first game of the series that was originally released in 1994.

Redout is a futuristic racing game by 34BigThings. Taking inspiration from AG racing classics such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD, players will experience high-octane races. The game comes with Career mode and online multiplayer mode.

Need for Speed Rivals is a street racing game by Ghost Games and Criterion Games. Taking the role of a cop or racer, players traverse in an open-world environment and participate to races. They can also utilize traps to disrupt rivals. 041b061a72


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