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As an energy geek, I think Tesla deserves much more praise for the efficiency of their vehicles. The Model Y is a much larger vehicle than my other EVs and yet it provides as many miles per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as them. And if you compare it to other electric vehicles currently being produced, the Model Y is vastly more efficient than most.

Support Ted’s Energy Tips

Regardless of how practiced you may be at public speaking, there are some very effective strategies to use to deliver engaging talks. The next time you have a speaking engagement, try these tips to deliver your message like a TED Talk presenter:

3. Emphasize connection over content.To best engage listeners, build your speech from an emotional place rather than from the content, says Kristi Hedges, leadership coach and author of the 2011 book "The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others." Rattling off facts and figures and talking at the audience isn't effective if they aren't interested in what you are saying. "Be clear about what you want the audience to walk away with when they leave and use that intent as a structure to frame your talk," says Hedges. Your passion for a topic can draw people in; talking without any enthusiasm for the topic can deplete energy in the room and eclipse your message. "Talk to persuade, not just to inform," adds Sternberg.

6. Shake it up.Another reason to use different media in your talk is to make it more dynamic and compelling. "Using mixed media creates energy and vibrancy," says Hedges. Think about ways to use slides, video, audio, handouts, props and even spontaneous smartphone polls to engage your audience. You might, for instance, start with a video and then use powerful images later in your talk, says Hedges. Or you can begin with an engrossing question and use the audience feedback as data with polling software such as Poll Everywhere.

Happy Earth Day! As we wrap up our first week of the Reduce Energy Use DC campaign, we are reflecting on the importance of taking action in the District to support protecting the Earth and our environment. Taking the Reduce Energy Use DC pledge is a great way for you and your loved ones to make a difference in celebration of Earth Day 2021.

Our blog today features a Q&A with our friend Ted Trabue, the managing director of the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU). DCSEU has helped tens of thousands of District residents and businesses use less energy and save millions of dollars on their energy costs. In his role, Ted is responsible for leading the DCSEU in meeting its economic, environmental, and green job creation goals. Read about the amazing outcomes DCSEU has been able to accomplish, as well as some of his energy saving tips below.

The DCSEU is committed to helping the District reduce its energy consumption, transition to 100% renewable energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2032. We believe that everyone can help make a difference to reduce energy use for the District and contribute to a significant reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions. We are here to support residents and businesses with rebates and technical assistance to help them make the changes we all need to achieve these goals.

You can save energy with little to no cost, and it starts with something as small as switching your lightbulbs to LEDs. You can also use advanced power strips for your devices at home and install a smart thermostat to actively regulate the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality in your home.

Businesses can make changes in the way they operate and can upgrade their lighting, HVAC, food service, and other equipment to reduce their energy use and costs. We encourage businesses to reach out to us to find out how we can help with rebates and technical assistance.

Since 2011, the DCSEU has generated $1.2 billion in lifetime energy cost savings for DC residents and businesses. We have also invested more than $50 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy in low-income communities and prevented 6.2 million tons in greenhouse gas emissions. We have also invested more than $50 million with District Certified Business Enterprises (CBEs).

is a mobile application for iOS and Android OS devices such as the iPhone and Droid phone models for monitoring energy usage in conjunction with our TED 5000 series. You can monitor your home and or business energy usage while-on-the-go or the help figure out about how much that new appliance you turned on uses in energy!

is a free mobile application for the iPhone that provides current Power and Cost, as well as average power and cost for the billing cycle. The user can refresh their energy data anytime by clicking the refresh button.

is a mobile application for HP/Palm webOS devices, such as the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. TEDisplay works with your TED 5000 to monitor energy usage directly on your phone. TEDisplay supports multi-MTU configurations with access to just about every data value available from the TED 5000. And, with a properly configured home network, you can monitor your energy usage from just about anywhere!

Is a free cloud based energy monitoring and management tool. Features interactive graphs that show real time energy use. View individual appliance energy consumption, simple pie charts show appliance-level breakdown of energy bill. No additional hardware plug level sensors required. Provides personalized recommendations on saving money. Features timely alerts that avoid unexpected high energy bills.

Is a free application that features cloud-based algorithms to analyze your TED data and provide appliance-level insight, feedback and recommendations to help save money on your electric bills.Reduce electricity usage by up to 50%. Recieve custoimized money-saving recommendations and tips. PlotWatt Energy Dashboard consolidates energy information. Electricity usage presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Available in both Free and Pro versions, MyEragy is an electricity monitoring platform that allows homeowners to check the details of their energy consumption to best understand how they can reduce their electricity bills.Easily monitor energy generated by solar, wind, and gas generators. Eragy's proprietary Utility Rate Engine helps users understand rates. Email and text/SMS alerts including usage and cost budget overruns. Set rate alerts such as when a rate tier is about to be exceeded.

A free intelligent iPhone and Android Smartphone application that helps manage your personal energy use to save money.Set daily and monthly budgets, along with alarm alerts. Compare energy usage with others in your area. Take energy quizzes to learn how to save more electricity. Post Facebook updates with your electricity usage. View accurate projections of monthly bills.

One of the first free applications that allows you to view tour TED 5000 electricity data remotely on the web. Shows detailed historical data with different resolutions. View interactive graphs and locate energy hogs. See instant updates while you explore your usage.

TED the Toolbar is a Firefox only toolbar that allows you to view real-time energy data from your TED system while you surf the Web. Shows historical data and projected monthly bill. View graphs on electricity usage for detailed data. See instant updates on the top of the page while you surf the web.


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