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Percy Brown Islamic Architecture Pdf 14

this style was named indo-saracenic or indo-saracenic revival architecture, and it is still used to this day in many places, including india, pakistan, and bangladesh. this style began to be used during the victorian era, but did not become popular until the 20th century. although it has become popular, it is not one of the main styles of indian architecture. in contrast to the european style, it does not include windows or doors. the style was heavily influenced by islamic architecture.

percy brown islamic architecture pdf 14

the pattadakal temple, built in the 11th century, is located about three kilometers from mudbidri. this temple is an ideal destination for students interested in examining hoysala architecture. according to legend, the temple was built to commemorate the victory of the hoysala king, vishnuvardhana, over the chalukya king narasimha, who is said to have been killed in this battle. visitors can admire the interior of the temple, which contains a large number of pillars with beautiful carvings. the interior of the temple, with its rows of pillars and columns, is absolutely dazzling. the interior of the temple contains the niches, which are used to place idols. visitors can also see the variety of carvings that adorn the temple walls.

the shantadurga temple is considered one of the most important temples of the hoysala period. built during the reign of the hoysala king vishnuvardhana in the twelfth century, the shantadurga temple was built in the serene environment of the beautiful landscape around the temple. this temple is an ideal destination for tourists looking for an opportunity to examine the rich hindu architecture of this region.


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