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Front tires on an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle often wear more quickly than those on the rear axle. Why? Because your front tires handle most of the braking and steering. Other factors that can add to wear include: misalignment, aggressive driving, underinflated tires and failure to regularly rotate front tires to the back. (Get tips on avoiding some of these problems here.)

buying one tire

The same is true for mismatched tires. A taller tire with more tread depth travels more distance in a single revolution than a shorter tire with less tread depth. In order to keep up, the tire with less tread depth will spin faster and have more revolutions than the tire with more tread depth.

So why is mixing new and used tires a potential problem for your AWD vehicle? First, even a slight difference in diameter between front and rear tires on your AWD can mean trouble for the drivetrain. These are the components of the car that transfer the power from the engine to the wheels that move the vehicle forward.

Hit the highway with a new set of tires from Bridgestone. Visit Mcmahon's Best One Tire And Auto Care at 2828 W Coliseum Blvd, or call (260) 483-8473 today to make an appointment and let an expert technician help you find the right fit for your vehicle.

Outfit your ride with the perfect type of Bridgestone tire. Stop in to Best-one Tire And Auto Care Of Crossville at 227 N Main St, or give them a call at (931) 456-1234 to set up an appointment today.

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Reason One You Need Four New Tires When One is DamagedOne obvious reason that you may need four new tires when you take your vehicle into the shop for a single damaged one is normal wear. All of the tires on your vehicle may have been worn to the point that they are no longer safe.

Every tire has wear bars. These are indicators in the tread surface that show you when the tread has worn down to the point that the tires are in need of replacement. A mechanic can also use a tread depth tool to measure the tread. Bear in mind that if the tires wore unevenly, it is the low point that matters, not the high point of the tread.

Reason Two You Need Four New Tires When One Is DamagedIf your tires are not fully worn out, you may still need to buy four new tires when one is damaged and cannot be repaired. All-wheel drive vehicles use transfer cases and differentials to distribute power from to rear and side to side. If one tire has more tread than the other three this creates an imbalance. The differentials and transfer case try to make up for this by turning one tire slightly slower to match the rotation speed of the tire with more tread. Drivetrains are not designed to do this constantly and they can be damaged by having one tire with a lot more tread than the other three.

One Possible Solution - Tire ShavingSince the issue is one new tire having more tread depth than the remaining three worn tires, Tire Rack offers a solution. This tire provider can supply you with a new tire with the tread shaved down. This can enable you to buy just one replacement tire. Before you call Tire Rack, ensure that your mechanic or tire shop has told you how much tread is on the remaining three tires, and get the full sizing, brand, and model information from the existing tires. That information is on the sidewall.

Cruise in to a Firestone dealer near you. Visit Best-one Tire & Service Of Henderson at 141 Garden Mile Rd, or call (270) 826-1007 to set up an appointment and let the experts help find the right tires for your sedan, coupe, work truck, SUV and more.

Founded in 2003, C&C Best-One Tire And Auto Care is located at 227 West Walnut in Watseka, IL as an automotive repair, tire, and wheel center. We have spent the lastdocument.write((new Date()).getFullYear()-2003)years delivering auto repairs, tires, and wheels to satisfied customers. You can come see us in person, or schedule an appointment online today from the comfort of your couch.

Whether you are from Watseka, IL, St Anne, IL, Kankakee, IL, or another surrounding area, C&C Best-One Tire And Auto Care should be your first stop when purchasing a new set of tires or seeking service. Contact us online or visit our auto service center today for service you can count on.

Your tire order will arrive at your selected warehouse in approximately 5-10 business days from the time of your order. You will be notified by phone or email when your tires arrive at the warehouse and you will have 14 days for installation.

We have a policy to always install the least worn tires to the rear axles on the vehicle. For example, if only one tire needs to be installed, it will be installed on the rear of the vehicle. If two new tires are installed, they will also be installed on the rear of the vehicle.

This is based on major tire manufacturers' fitment guidelines, which specifically caution against installing replacement tires on the front axle, due to safety reasons. If you have further questions, please visit our Tire Site.

You can find the exact tires for your vehicle as set by the tire manufacturers right here. Your safety is our top priority. As part of that commitment, our Tire Centers will only install tires that are suggested by the manufacturer for your make and model of car. We've designed the tire search on to only display results that match up with your vehicle.

Once you select the warehouse you'd like to install your tires, simply enter the specific year, make and model of your vehicle in our tire search, and you should have some great options at your fingertips.

Costco only installs authorized tire fitments, for safety reasons. This is why we advise that, before purchasing, our customers make sure the tire(s) they select meet the following vehicle manufacturers' Original Equipment (OE) specifications.

Before you start shopping for a new set of wheels, use our wheel buying guide below, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of different wheel materials in order to find the best wheel to suit your needs. If you have any questions during your research, simply contact us online.

Because your tires work together, the suspension system and driveshaft on your vehicle rely on your tires being evenly balanced. When just one tire is replaced, this can upset the balance and put added stress on the system as a whole.

Like most mechanics and auto technicians, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire recommend looking over your tires once a month to ensure they look healthy. On occasion, drivers will find that one of their tires has suddenly gone bald of tread. What causes this strange tire phenomenon? Here is a look at 7 possible problems you might be experiencing.

While all tires are subject to alignment troubles, this most often impacts the front right tire and front left tire. Alignment troubles are the most common problem for drivers who find just one of their tires worn out. Thankfully, the solution here is simple: wheel alignment service.

If you buy your tires used, you never truly know what you are getting or the exact history of each tire. One of them might have older rubber, prior damage, or a compromised structure. As such, buying used could be the reason one of your tires has worn more quickly than the others.

If you catch tire wear early, you may be able to avoid replacement. However, if one of your tires is disproportionately worn out, it will need to be replaced during your service visit. In these cases, some drivers opt to have all four tires replaced if they are getting old or nearing replacement. This will help keep all of the tires on the same routine. It also avoids issues with newer tire tread gripping harder than the others.

Conversely, you can often save money by replacing just the single worn-out tire. This is especially true if your three remaining tires are in good shape. However, it is essential to find a tire with a similar composition and tread pattern. If possible, match your new tire to the brand of your remaining tires to avoid any problems. Thankfully, this is easy to do when you buy your new tires online.

Finland-based Nokian Tyres has a 120-year history in Europe, but it recently expanded to North America with a manufacturing facility in Dayton, Ohio. Known for its winter tires that can handle tough conditions, Nokian also produces a variety of all-season, all-weather, and all-terrain tires for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. In the last five years, Nokian has not had any recalls in the United States, compared with an average of 9.3 recalls for other major tire brands in the same time period. (Based on data from

Nokian One tires are all-season tires for passenger vehicles, crossovers, and SUVs. Nokian released the tire in 2021, following its One HT tire for light trucks and SUVs. Since their release, no recalls have been for either the Nokian One or the One HT tires. You can purchase Nokian One tires from various retailers, including Discount Tire and Walmart.

The Nokian One tire can fit most vehicles on the road. Nokian designed the tire specifically for North American drivers who travel or commute in various conditions, including wet, hot, or slightly snowy weather. For an affordable price, the Nokian One tires provide reliability, durability, and protection against road hazards, making them a good choice for many drivers.

Nokian equips this tire with its Aramid Sidewall technology, the same material used in bulletproof vests. The material reinforces the tire to provide maximum impact resistance, helping it withstand rough roads and potholes. The tires are also made of silica-infused synthetic rubber for rolling resistance and better traction on wet roads. Other features of the Nokian One tire include a symmetric tread pattern for even wear and an evacuation water tread design to prevent hydroplaning. This all-season tire promises a smooth, comfortable ride on various road surfaces and conditions. 041b061a72


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