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Alienguise Alienware Invader Free: Software Free Download

The AlienGUIse Theme Manager is provided along with all the latest Alienware systems. The software is also free to download and use, allowing you to change the appearance of your desktop and operating system using a set of astonishing and exclusive Alienware themes and skins, such as ALXMorph, Darkstar and AlienMorph.These stylish themes will give a complete new appearance to your computer and operating systems, enhancing various system features and objects, such as wallpapers, icons and the Windows Media Player application.The icons provided by this software will give your computer a bold and exciting look, creating an unique atmosphere for your desktop. It will also change your media player skin, offering improved look and functionality, thanks to its' custom time digits and dual-gyroscopic animations.This advanced and powerful Theme Manager is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. The Xenomorph and Xenomorph Light packages can be installed and used on both 32-bit and 64-bit system architectures.

Alienguise Alienware Invader Free: Software Free Download



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