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For oloroso, still wine is fortified to 17% abv as the yeast flor is unable to survive at this level of alcohol. The wine is once again transferred into butts and left to age oxidatively where it will pick up much flavour. The other striking difference between how oloroso and fino sherry is aged is down to the solera system, which consists of a series of barrels (often layered on top of one another) called the criaderas y solera. The newest wines start at the top criadera and over the years are slowly passed down to the next level and mixed each time with older wines, until they arrive in the final solera from which it will be bottled. With this process, the wines can take many decades to pass through the solera.

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While balsamic has garnered the publicity, specially aged sherry vinegar sits aging in oak barrels in southern Spain waiting to be discovered. Sanchez Romate blends different ages of sherry vinegar (from three to fifty years old) to create a sweet, soft flavor. It became a staple in my home long ago.

Sherry vinegar, as the name implies, is made of sherry wine. Produced from a variety of different grapes, the strain of grape determines the relative dryness of the finished condiment. Naturally fermented into wine, the sherry then spends at least another six months aging in wooden caskets. Separated into a hierarchy of age, young sherrys to old, they range anywhere from 6 months to over a decade. For sherrys that have aged for at least two years, the title Reserva is given. For those boasting more than ten Gran Reserva. The older the vinegar, the thicker, darker, and more complex it becomes, and of course, the more expensive.

While aged balsamic is wonderful to have in your pantry, even the youngest sherry starts out with more complexity and nuance of taste than other wine vinegars. With toasted nutty notes and a distinctively caramelized flavor, it brightens dishes and deepens flavors. Splash it into pasta sauces and hearty soups, drizzle it over garden-fresh produce or add it into your marinades and sauces. A true wonder ingredient sherry vinegar is the condiment you need to have in your pantry!

The different flavors of this beer are manifested in a sublime order to achieve a harmonious yet complex taste sensation. Besides the instantly recognizable dry sherry flavor there also is room for the fresh and spicy scents of vegetative raw celery and a green pepper character. This follows in subtle fruity aromas of peach and candied apricot, with an undertone of tea extracts. Finished with a nutty touch, reminiscent of broken walnuts. The mainly fresh flavors that make up the smell of the beer are masterfully supported by more robust flavors. In the flavor we can find the typical duality of balsamic, compromise between sweet and sour, and finally conclude with a notion of liquorice. But this story is not over; the aftertaste brings a perfect marriage between alcohol warming and soothing sweetness.

This is a peaty Islay single malt that has well and truly earned its name. Blasted by rich, sweet and spicy Spanish sherry casks, it has emerged as fiery, explosive, heavy hitting dram. Indulge your senses with a peaty whisky that's been boldly blasted by Oloroso Sherry Cask.

Vinagre de Jerez, by Sanchez Romate, is a genuine sherry vinegar, made in the traditional way in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. It is sweet and delicately acidic with distinct almond notes. Spanish sherry vinegar is notoriously delicious with tomatoes: tomato salad, tomato gazpacho, and more.

Sanchez Romate sherry vinegar, or more properly "Vinagre de Jerez," is considered by some to be the finest vinegar in the world. It's wine vinegar made from sherry, the famous Spanish fortified wine. "Fortified" means that when the grapes ferment into wine, neutral spirits are added, contributing flavor and character (and alcohol content).

Vinagre de Jerez owes its pedigree to the unique viticultural region where it's made - the area's location near the ocean, the chalky soil - as well as to its maturing process, called the solera system. As it matures over years, the sherry passes through a series of many oak barrels, all the while being mixed with wines of various ages.

Sanchez Romate sherry vinegar can stand with the best balsamic and presents a wonderful all-around resource for your kitchen. Think outside of the box! Use this vinegar for added depth, richness and flavor in salads, in marinades, drizzled to bring out the flavor of soups and stews. Sherry vinegar is delicious on roasted peppers, and sensational in a braised chicken recipe.

The production and quality of Spanish sherry vinegar is monitored and controlled by the Consejo Regulador and has its own Denominación de Origen, which is protected by Spanish and EU law. Sanchez Romate is one of our favorite producers of sherry vinegar; the firm was founded in 1781 and has been going strong ever since.

Sherry is produced from three grape varieties: Palomino, Pedro Ximénes, and Muscat of Alexandria. Palomino makes up the vast majority of grapes used in the production of sherry. There are two main types or styles of sherry, Fino and Oloroso. Fino style sherry develops a flor or yeast film on the surface which causes the sherry to take on a specific flavor. Oloroso is fortified to a higher alcohol content (usually around 18 percent alcohol) which inhibits formation of flor. The flor culture in aging Fino is kept alive through the solera (fractional blending) system where younger wine is repeatedly added to the aging sherry. The solera system constantly adds needed nutrients to the flor which allows the yeast culture to survive for up to 10 years.

This bourbon is described as having an aroma explosion of sweet, rich fruit and toasted nuts, followed by figs, hints of spicy tobacco and subtle cedar. The palate is sweet with a soft, round initial impression followed by a myriad of aged fruits and nuts. the finish is balanced and sweet with notes of spicy oak. This whiskey was finished in Oloroso sherry casks for approximately one to four years. 041b061a72


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